Sponsorship and Family Aid Fees

Pricing for the following donation opportunities are in Canadian dollars based on an averaged 12-month exchange rate. This schedule is effective December 1, 2022 and will be reviewed quarterly.  Sponsorship fees will NOT change throughout the next 12 months.  Other product prices may change, given the volatility of food and other material costs as well as the US/Canadian exchange rate.  For any additional information on the products or specific needs for families you support, please contact lois@fundamayacanada.ca


Holiday or General Basket of Food $70
For celebrations throughout the year such as Semana Santa, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or as a support to a family in general.  NOTE:  Donations are sent at the beginning of the following month.  Please plan ahead for special occasions.
Food for family of 10 - 14 people $315
Food for family of 6-10 people $224
Food for family of 3-6 people $140
100 lb. bag of corn $77
Package of Basic Staples $98
50 lbs. corn, 10 lbs, beans, 10 lbs, rice, 3 lbs. Incarpina, 2 cartons of eggs
Bag of Food for a Senior $32


Preschool Program Annual Sponsorship $672
There is also the option of paying monthly support at $56 Canadian.
Public School Annual Sponsorship $672
There is also the option of paying monthly support at $56 Canadian.
University Annual Sponsorship $2100
There is also the option of monthly support at $175 Canadian.
Elderly Care Program Annual Sponsorship $756
There is also the option of monthly support for an elder at $63 Canadian
Elderly Care Program Luncheon $210
Provides a nutritious meal for the elderly that attend the Elderly Feeding Program
Preschool Breakfast $70
Donation covers breakfast, snack, fruit and a vitamin drink for the class

Medical and Dental Consultations

Medical consultations $56
Pricing will vary depending on the nature of the consultation, what tests are required, and medications provided. There is an additional cost if a staff member needs to accompany the individual.
Dental consultation $38
Pricing is an estimate for the initial consultation.  There is an additional cost if a staff member is required to accompany the individual.

Electronics and Internet

Cellphone $220
This is an estimate. Pricing is dependent on providers available.
Tablet $374
This is an estimate.  Pricing depends on vendor availability.
Computer $1788
Students in higher grades work with numerous applications that cellphones or tablets do not accommodate well.  Pricing is estimate only dependent on vendor availability.
Internet fees $65
Internet fees may vary.  This is a monthly estimate.  Families access the  internet in various ways:  residential installation, data card for cellphone, or accessing an Internet cafe.

Various Family Packages - health, hygiene, sport, rain

Baby Package $137
Formula, diapers and baby blanket
Rainy/Winter Season Package $95
Includes pair of rain boots, rain cape, and umbrella
Sports Package $115
Includes pair of soccer/futbol or basketball shoes, ball and a jersey.
Hygiene Package for Women $95
Includes underwear, washable sanitary napkins, detergent, soap, and shampoo.
Family Health Package $77
Includes toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, detergent, soap, disinfectant, shampoo, soap for dishes and general cleaning.
Elder Hygiene Package $95
Includes baby wipes/diapers, toilet paper, detergent, dish soap, shampoo, bar soap.

Celebration cake and gift

Gifts for Children $39
Dolls, basketballs, soccer balls, books, games, small cars, Super Heroes, Sweater, Sandals
Large Birthday Cake, gift and food basket $145
Available for any celebration.  NOTE:  Donations are sent down to Guatemala at the beginning of each month.  Please plan your donation ahead of time.
Birthday (or other celebration) Cake $36
NOTE:  Donations are sent to Guatemala at the beginning of each month.  Please plan ahead of time.
Children's Gifts $39
Gifts for birthdays or Christmas: dolls, balls, books, cars, sweaters, sandals, etc.)
Large Birthday Cake and Gift $75
Includes a large birthday gift and gift (dolls, balls, books, cars, sweater, sandals, etc.)

Household Items: Bed and Bedding

Double mattress only $95
Double bed and mattress $350
Double Bed $259
Single Mattress only $81
Single bed and mattress $277
Blanket $49
Sheets $42
Pillow $21

Household items: Tables and Chairs

Wooden Chair $28
Small table with 2 chairs $147
Medium table with 4 chairs $231
Large table with 6 chairs $308
Table, large $147
Table, medium $123
Table, small $95

Household items: Closets and Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet, Large $504
Kitchen Cabinet, medium $434
Wardrobe, Large $504
Wardrobe, medium $434

Household items: Pilas, Water Filters, Eco Stoves

Ecological Stove $266
This is an Onil stove that is 60% more efficient than a stone fire, requiring much less fuel.  It reduces smoke and emissions by 90% improving respiratory health especially in children.  It's design reduces incidences of burns dramatically.
Water Filter with stand $140
Provides clean water for drinking and cooking.  Pricing includes a small table to keep the water filter clean. Without a stand, the water filter is $105
Plastic PILA (used where cement not feasible) $350
Cement PILA $221
A pila is an essential in every Guatemalan home.  it is a double-sided cement sink with a large storage area for water.  It is used for washing clothes and dishes as well as being used for people to bathe.  The water stored is often all that is available to the family for that whole day.
Two-burner gas stove $115
Table-top two burner gas stove which would also require a refill cylinder at $78 or a small gas bottle at $28.  


Traditional young girl's clothing $224
Traditional young woman's clothing $392
Traditional adult woman's clothing $406
Sweater and Apron for ladies $78
Ladies Apron only $42
Leather shoes - adult $63
Child's shoes $53
Adult man's clothing $105
Includes jeans, t-shirts and socks
Young boy's clothing $84
Includes jeans, t-shirts and socks
Young Girl's Clothing $105
Jeans, 2 blouses, underwear, socks