Water Filter Project

We are building a fund to provide an ECO water filter to all our families.  Very few have access to clean water and studies have proven that boiling water is not as effective as a good filter.
Bacteria and parasites in the contaminated water lead to a high rate of diarrheal illnesses that prevent the body from absorbing nutrients and further complicating conditions of chronic malnutrition.  
Studies have shown that diarrheal incidences contribute to the stunting of growth and affect 46.5% of the children between 0 and 5 years of age who may experience an episode 3-4 times a year each lasting 2-6 weeks.  These incidences contribute to 7% of all child deaths and 13% of those in the age group 0-5 years.
Safe drinking water and education on hygiene practices can make a huge difference in the life of our families who have a higher prevalence of malnutrition and an overall lower health status with no resources to access medical care.
Using an ECO Filter effectively reduces the incidences of water-borne diseases.  The filter with a table costs $134 Canadian.  It is economical, ecological and lasts two years.  It provides life-saving humanitarian care in supporting fragile health systems and vulnerable communities.  
A contribution of even $20 helps to build this fund and eventually provide clean water to all.
Please donate at www.fundamayacanada.ca/donate or via e-transfer to lois@fundamayacanada.ca
Clean water – essential to a healthy life!