Rainy Season at Lake Atitlan

The rainy season around Lake Atitlan runs from May to September. In an area where many families already struggle to put food on the table, the impact of the rainy season increases their vulnerability. Heavy rains lead to flooding rivers that can wipe out fragile homes that have been cobbled together by tin sheets, cornstalks, and cardboard.   Does your family's home need repairs?  Please contact me if you would like more information about their home condition.

Food assistance remains critical for many families. Malnutrition leads to mental and physical impairments and increases susceptibility to disease. Breakfast, lunch and dinner may consist of only tortillas and salt and perhaps not every day.

How can you help? 
  1. Click on "Items to Donate" on the menu above to review pricing for items to help your student/elder/family.
  2. Sponsor a child at $47 per month or $563 per year (Canadian). A child in preschool will receive a nutritious meal and snack every school day. Note in the "Message" section of the donation page, "sponsor a child".  A profile will be sent to you.
  3. Sponsor an elderly person for $51 per month or $612 per year (Canadian). Note in the "Message" section of the donation page, "sponsor an elder".  A profile will be sent to you.
  4. Donate a basket of food for $60 which will contain chicken, vegetables and some staples or choose a bag of corn, beans and rice.
  5. Contact me at lois@fundamayacanada.ca for other options or to ask a question.

Thank you!