Preschool Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child for preschool provides a solid foundation for success when entering into the grade school system. Nearly half of all preschool-aged children in Guatemala suffer from malnutrition. Many in the rural areas do not speak Spanish in the home. These two factors significantly affect the ability of these children to get a good education. FundaMaya operates three Preschool Nutrition Centers that give children from the most impoverished families a chance to start their education and to receive critical nutritional assistance.

The benefits:

  • Each preschool student receives a nutritious meal and snack every day so they will have the energy to learn.
  • Each student will receive bilingual education to ensure Spanish fluency which will prepare them for Spanish language public school.
  • Parents of students are taught how to best support their child for success in the often-confusing education system.

$47 Canadian per month or $563 Canadian annually. Please go to, click on Programs, and then on Preschool. There are many deserving children looking for sponsorship. The "Sponsor a Student" button will take you to the Canadian donation link.