Mother’s Day Baskets

Our mothers in Guatemala work especially hard. They don't have days off to relax. A mother's day begins very early with starting the fire and making tortillas and breakfast. She may have had to walk to a well and carry water back on her head to make the coffee. Then it's time to get her children dressed for school in clothes that she will have washed by hand. Once the children are at school, she will spend time weaving or beading by hand so there is some money coming in to help feed her family. Some mothers go to work all day in the fields, carrying younger children on their back. At the end of this very long day, there is firewood to collect, a fire to build, and food to cook before all go to sleep. In times when work is scarce, there may only be tortillas and salt for the family to eat.

Please consider honouring these mothers with a plentiful, nutritious basket for a donation of $60.00 Canadian. Click the link below and in the "Please specify donations detail" section, request a Mother's Day Basket. Also note your sponsored student's name and number or indicate "a family in need." (your sponsored students do not need to be sponsored with FundaMaya to have a basket delivered)

For other ways to assist families with food, please go the and select "Family Aid"