How to Make your Donation

There are several options for making donations to FundaMaya Canada.  Below are the details.  If you have any questions, please contact me at
1.     Through our website at   Clicking on this link takes   you to our donation page where you fill out the donation form.  Then click on the link “Pay with PayPal”, you will be taken to the PayPal page where you then have two options:
         a.     Click on “Donate with PayPal” to process through your PayPal account or to set up              
                  a PayPal account.
          b.     Click on “Donate with a Card” to process through your credit card only.  (Please 
                  ensure that “Save this information for next time” is unchecked or you will be asked to                   
                  set up a PayPal account.)
2.     Send a cheque made out to “Canadian Friends of Fundamaya Association” to the address below.  Please provide information on the purpose of the donation.
            FundaMaya Canada
            c/o L. B. Reimer
            4032 Coast Meridian Road,
            Port Coquitlam, BC
            V3B 3P4
3.     Send an e-transfer through your bank or credit union to  You will not need to set up a secret question, the Fundamaya Canada bank account is set up to accept the funds automatically.
4.     Through Canada Helps at  On their website:
         a.     Click on ‘Donate’
         b.     In the search box, input ‘FundaMaya’
         c.     Click on ‘Canadian Friends of FundaMaya Association’
         d.     Fill out the donation form and donate.
If you have problems with any of these options, please contact me: