Dolores has a sponsor - thank you!

Dolores is a sweet lady of 83 years of age who is looking for a sponsor.  She is unable to work to provide for herself and is confined either to her bed or a wheelchair.  Dolores lives with her daughter and grandchildren.  When there is sufficient work (few opportunities during this pandemic), the daughter is able to provide food and buy Dolores' medication.  Now, they struggle to put adequate food on the table and subsist on herbs, beans and rice with very limited resources.

With a sponsorship, Dolores would receive basic food staples twice a month.  If you can help, it is only $51 per month.  Please send an email to for additional information on Dolores.

If you are unable to sponsor Dolores but would like to make a one-time donation to help with food, medication, or basic personal needs, any amount will help from a small donation of $10 and up.  Please go to\donate and note 'For Dolores EC40' in the detail box.