What a Month!

June brought a wide range of emotions from sorrow to celebration!  The needs of our students, families and elderly were many and you amazing donors helped in so many ways.
Don Gregorio, I’m sad to say, passed away soon after our appeal for food, medication, and clothing.  He was a very gentle man who deeply missed his wife Doña Bernardina who passed away last year.  Any residual funds from donations to help him went towards his funeral expenses.
Doña Catarina required a Caesarian to safely deliver her son, Esdras.  He was admitted for treatment for pneumonia on his second day of life.  Thanks to all who responded to our appeal and made not only the Caesarian possible but also his treatment.  Both are at home and doing well!  
Many of our families and especially our elders struggle to feed themselves.  They do not have the resources to seek medical aid and often have serious conditions like diabetes that go untreated.  Without medical help, diabetics can experience vision loss, neuropathic pain, kidney damage, heart attack, and stroke.  General donations to our Emergency Medical Fund allow us to help them obtain required monthly medications.
We began a Water Filter Project in June beginning with a list of 18 families or elders who required one.  Clean water is essential to health especially when nutritional needs are not met.  We got off to such a great start with directed donations plus a monthly commitment to purchase one that our list dwindled to 6 very quickly.  There will be an ongoing need as the life of water filters are reached and replacements needed.  
To all our donors who have helped with student or elder sponsorships, who have provided basic household needs, who have met emergency medical or food needs, who have funded household repairs – Thank you so much!