Urgent medical care for Eusebia

Eusebia has suffered for many years from uterine discomfort.  She wakes up each morning knowing it will be another day of pain.  She sleeps only from the sheer exhaustion of coping with that pain - it is her only relief.  Her condition escalated this year to an urgent need for surgery.  Fundraising brought us 75% of the way to enabling scheduling that surgery. 

Today, May 13th, an added complication of a burst gall bladder brought her to the hospital for emergency medical care that will also require funding.  We are seeking an additional $1,000 as a conservative estimate to give this gentle elder a new life, free of pain. 

If you can help in any amount, please go to www.fundamayacanada.ca/donate   and note that it is for Eusebia FAM 160.