Thank You!

FundaMaya Canada is a small organization with a mighty group of donors.  Thank you all so much for your continued sponsorship and for the contributions for food for your sponsorship families and elderly and to the Emergency Food Fund.  From March 16th to May 7th, we have received $12, 165.00.  This is absolutely wonderful!

We don't know how long the lockdown will go on for.  We do know our families will continue to struggle after it is lifted as it will be a long time before tourism is back to normal.  The majority of the work for these families comes from tourism.  

We also thank the FundaMaya Guatemala staff for their commitment to packaging and delivering the basic staples and continuing to seek help for individuals and families with medical needs. They have observed all safety protocols in getting food out by truck or by boat.   They've delivered masks as well as anyone appearing in public must wear one.  

To all of you with your own struggles caused by COVID-19 restrictions, we wish you good health and a brighter future.  

Thank you for caring.  You all are amazing!