Tamale Baskets and Christmas Gifts

Giving to others who have so little is the real spirit of the holidays.  A tamale basket not only feeds a family for a week but also provides them with the ingredients for a traditional midnight celebration on December 24th.  The basket contains chicken, fresh vegetables, rice, corn, beans, pasta, oil, salt, platanos, bread, pineapple, and traditional Christmas treats: drinking chocolate, marshmallows, and cookies.  From these ingredients the family can cook the traditional tamales and make the delicious ponche (a warm fruit punch).  What a treat for a family that struggles daily for adequate food!

The cost of a tamale basket is $77.  Please donate at www.fundamayacanada.ca/donate and provide the student or elder name and ID or donate a general basket to someone who does not have a sponsor or whose sponsor is unable to help.

Donate a gift to a child for $39.  Children will have the opportunity to chose their holiday gift.  It is so amazing to see their expression when they view the gift cupboard to make their choice: eyes full of wonder, mouth open and hands reaching.  Make this year a special one by donating at www.fundamayacanada.ca/donate and provide the student's name and ID number or donate to a child in general.

May whatever your celebration is over the holidays bring you peace, love and warmth.  Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and successful 2024!