Santa Semana Baskets

Santa Semana (Holy Week) is a normally a week of elaborate processions and celebrations.  Alfombras (street carpets) would be crafted from coloured sawdust, flowers, pine needles, coffee, vegetables, candles, and fruits.  Colourful handmade decorations and embellishments are hung in the churches.  Those with the resources celebrate with traditional meals and pan de yemas (sweet breads).
With the pandemic ongoing, there will not be any processions.  Alfombras may be inside churches.  Decorations will still happen.  

While a time of celebration for many, this holiday week can be even more difficult for many of our families.  They depend on daily work in order to buy food for that day.   With the pandemic, there has been little or no work and consequently little food.  
Giving a Semana Santa basket is a wonderful gift that will make this holiday special and put food on the table.  The basket contains traditional foods and the fresh-baked, fragrant sweet breads as well as a local fruit only available at this time of year, el corozo.
A basket of food is $60 CAD and will feed a large family for a week; a small family or couple for longer. 
Please click on Donate (at the top of this page) and make this holiday very special for your sponsored family, elder, or for a family who does not yet have a sponsor.   In the detail box, note that it is for a Santa Semana basket and provide the sponsored name and number (or designate for any family or elder in need).  
Thank you!