FundaMaya Canada partners with FundaMaya in Guatemala

Mayan Families Canada (now Canadian Friends of FundaMaya Association or FundaMaya Canada) has worked closely with our friends in Guatemala for the past 14 years.This Guatemalan group was co-founded by Sharon Smart and Patti Mort and has grown exponentially over the years. As of January, 2019 all donations made through Mayan Families Canada or FundaMaya Canada will be directed to this Guatemalan group which is now called Fundamaya.

FundaMaya Canada's mission is to sponsor education for children, build and improve houses, provide food, and assist with school construction. Fundamaya's mission includes the same objectives, plus medical help, microloans and support for indigenous artisans, among other things.

The Fundamaya staff is nearly all indigenous. They come from the same communities as the students and families in need. The indigenous staff choose the students and families to be sponsored and run programs to support them. Any donation over $20 you make to Fundamaya through FundaMaya Canada will be eligible for a Canadian income tax receipt.