Celebrating Eusebia

How wonderful to see the smile on Eusebia's face!  Eusebia had collapsed in the street with a ruptured gall bladder and was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.  She had been in pain for many months, and we had been in the process of raising funds for another surgery for her when this happened and all funds were used towards this care.  Thank you to our donors who helped save her life!   Unfortunately, the surgeries and medical care surpassed what we had raised.  There is over $4,000 Canadian owing on her bill. 

There are many individuals who cannot afford medical care of any kind.  Many who manage to see a doctor receive prescriptions they cannot afford to fill.  The elderly who are unable to work and whose families cannot assist them continue to suffer. This past year we were fortunate to send 8 seniors for a medical consult.  All required medication for diabetes or high blood pressure or both.  Again, thanks to you we were able to fill the initial medication requirements. 
Some medications are required for the rest of their life.  Without help to purchase them, the health of these elders will deteriorate again.

Any donation of any amount would benefit our emergency medical fund!  If you can help with Eusebia's bill or help other elderly in need of medical care, please donate to www.fundamayacanada.ca/donate and note it is for the 'emergency medical fund'.  Thank you.