School supplies bring smiles!

To attend school, each students must have their school supplies, two pair of shoes and a backpack.  Most families are unable to make these purchases which is why your sponsorship is so critical. 

Students who receive an education will have better employment opportunities in the future.  Better opportunities will help not only the student, but also their family and their community.  It is a path out of the daily grind of poverty.  Literacy not only means employment but also enhances safety:  understanding of the law and their rights,  understanding of how loans work and the impact of interest, protection of land documents, understanding prescription usage/dosage and guidelines for other health products, etc.  Education is key to changing the landscape for these vulnerable families.

Please help us say 'yes' to the next student asking for a sponsorship.  Sponsorships are $672 per year or $56 per month.  To receive a bio on a student and to set up sponsorship, contact me at