Rainy Season Smiles

Rain kits help children and adults alike who don't have funds to purchase rubber boots, warmer coats or umbrellas. 

The bigger impact of the rainy season is work opportunities that disappear because of the rains, flooding and mud.  Individuals who work digging sand and rock from the river can no longer do that.  Fields may be impacted waiting for dryer times to plant and harvest.  Construction may be impossible due to heavy rains.  A lot of these are jobs that are occasional and all that are available to many of the indigenous.   Malnutrition is already a chronic condition for many that is worsened due to the lack of work and the lack of daily earnings that are used to buy food.

FundaMaya Canada provides emergency food from the Emergency Food Fund.  This time of year it is very important to us to have funds available.  Please, if you can help to fill hungry tummies, consider a donation to the Emergency Food Fund.  Any amount will help: be it a single donation or a monthly donation.  Go to www.fundamayacanada.ca/donation or send an e-transfer to lois@fundamayacanada.ca.