A Sponsor Vist in Guatemala

Visiting a student that you sponsor is a heart-warming experience that is hard to measure in words.  There is an onslaught of emotions that often leaves one in quiet contemplation once you’ve left the home.  The highlight is, of course, the opportunity to build the bond with the student and their family and get to know more about each other. These hugs mean the world to all!
On this visit, the sponsor visited a 15-year-old student that she and 3 others have been sponsoring for several years.  This sponsor has been fortunate to spend time each year in Guatemala and has witnessed the growth in maturity of this young woman.  The student will be starting Grade 9 this year and that is an accomplishment not many students will achieve without education sponsorship.  The student’s mother told the sponsor that she works hard at her studies and hopes to continue to university.  When students succeed not only does it open greater opportunities for them but also makes a difference for their family and their community.  Sponsorships make this happen!
This family of 9 lives in one room in the grocery store in which some of the family work.  The father is a day labourer.  Their combined income totals $26 CAD per day.  This does not cover all the household expenses and therefore it is challenging to put adequate food on the table every day and impossible to fund the education for all the children.  The youngest sibling has been ill off and on since birth in June of 2022 and has required medical care beyond the means of the family.  Thanks to the sponsorship group and general donations to FundaMaya Canada that medical care has been provided for his latest needs to treat a respiratory condition and malnutrition. 
Witnessing the depth and breadth of poverty experienced by this family underlines how important those donations to support education, provide medical care, food support, or household basics are.  It certainly drives home that what we have in our homes and lives would be totally beyond their comprehension.  Their living conditions, if you have never been here, is totally beyond ours.  Poverty is only a word until it is witnessed.
To help a student go to school, a family receive medical care, food support or have basic household needs such as a bed, bedding, stove, table, and chairs, please do one of the following:
1.      Sponsor a child – contact lois@fundamayacanada.ca for information.  Sponsorship is $56 per month or $672 for the year.  
2.     Sponsor an elder – contact lois@fundamayacanada.ca for information. Sponsorship is $63 per month.
3.     Emergency medical fund – donate at www.fundamayacanada.ca/donate
4.     Emergency food fund – donate at www.fundamayacanada.ca/donate
5.     General donations – set up a monthly payment of $25 per month or make a one-time     donation at www.fundamayacanada.ca/donate which will be used for the greatest needs.